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Intervention Services

Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) Intervention Program works in partnership with parents, schools, and the justice system to develop healthy, positive decision-making skills and interrupt harmful behavior patterns.

Our staff helps youth who are involved in higher-risk behavior understand that they are responsible for the outcomes of their decisions and empower them to make better choices. By using programs designed to reduce problem behaviors, our intervention programs help individuals gain vital development skills that lead to healthier relationships, better decision making, and a deeper connectedness with family and community.

We believe the advice, guidance, and involvement of parents and guardians is essential for a youth’s success in life. Through parent/guardian involvement in this program, positive values are reinforced and integrated into daily life.

Intervention Program Options:

A one-hour intake appointment with our Intervention Manager, where we take an assessment using the MAYSI-2 and YLS screening tools. The results of those tools, combined with the staff interview, are used to assign program components based on the risk level of reoffending and are referred to appropriate programs and classes. (Parents/Guardians also must attend, $25 fee)

Individual programming is a great opportunity for youth to learn and be heard. Give us a call to learn more about Twelve & Under, RSP, INDEPTH, and Restorative Conference Meetings.

Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) is proud to offer Chemical Services, including a Chemical Health Screen, a Chemical Health Assessment (Rule 25) & Teen Intervene programming.

A half an hour meeting discussing community work service options. (Parents/Guardians also must attend, $15 fee)
Lakes Center for Youth & Families offers three classes to assist youth. The three classes are: Tobacco/Nicotine Awareness, Chemical Awareness, & Choice & Consequence.

Our Approach

Our Intervention program is based on four restorative justice values:

  • Crime is a violation of people and relationships
  • Crime creates obligations to make things right
  • Justice involves the victim, offender, and community
  • Justice seeks solutions that promote repair, reconciliation, and reassurance

Our Intervention Staff:

Sara Stromberg

Sara received her bachelor’s degree from Bethel University. She has over 15 years of experience working with people who have substance use disorders. She has spent the last 2 years working in youth substance use prevention. Sara believes in using a relationship-based approach to empower youth to make choices.

Emily Tatum

Emily is an educator with over six years experience working with youth. She uses a proactive relationship-based approach to strengthen youth’s mentla health, self-esteem, and resiliency through building their executive skills and protective factors as they face difficult choices and challenges. Emily will be working with local youth within the Forest Lake School district through our new prevention program.

Client Portal:

Current and previous clients can access their portal by clicking this link: Portal

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