COVID-19 Announcements

Our office is currently closed to the public. We are continuing to provide our services through telehealth. Please give us a call at 651-464-3685 to learn more.


6/5/2020: We remain closed to the public and are offering telehealth appointments. Learn more about the benefit by clicking here.
5/5/2020: To schedule a counseling appointment, call 651-464-3685 ext 2. To schedule an intervention appointment, call 651-464-3685 ext 101
 An Agency Update to COVID-19
3/20/2020: Tried and True Small Engines will not have class for students. General shop hours may be limited. Call Jim at 651-443-6669.
3/18/2020: Our Response to COVID-19

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Directory/Extension #

101 - Sarah Curtis
103 - Rebecca Bowers
104 - Carrie Niles
106 - Jenny Birkholz
107 - Emma Norwood
108 - Jenna Jones
109 - Linda Madsen
110 - Lea Morey Finstrom
112 - Linda Pasicznyk
114 - Jamie Prettner
116 - Emily Tatum


20 Lake Street North, Suite 103, Forest Lake, MN


LC4YF staff are mostly working remotely.

We are open by appointment only.