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Stress and the Importance of Self-Care

It is no secret that a lot of society is experiencing higher levels of stress amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Our home lives, work lives, and leisure lives all look different as we each try to create a new normal. The effects of increased stress for an individual can lead...

Choices and Consequences

All of our choices have consequences, some may be positive or negative, and some may simply be a result of a behavior or choice that someone has taken. People face thousands of choices each day that have consequences. Even neutral actions like deciding if you want pie...

Coping with Uncertainty

Over the last several months, we have been called to navigate many challenges and disruptions that have impacted our community and those around it. COVID-19 has continued to limit and shift our approach to daily life, while increasing anxiety and stress on many...

Why Telehealth Therapy?

Why Telehealth Therapy? A message from our lead therapist. Our number one concern has always been to protect the health of our clients and our staff. I feel very thankful and proud that Lakes Center was able to adapt so quickly to telehealth appointments in response...

Navigating Mental Health During the Summer

This is often the high point of the year for most kids as school winds down and they can look forward to fun and sun - but what does that look like with restrictions still in place, activities canceled and no sense of regularity? Kids often associate summer with...

What is Earn and Learn?

Our Tried and True Small Engines program is an Earn and Learn program. Check out this video to learn more about how programs like this are growing in Minnesota and the good they can do for youth and local businesses.

Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

It’s difficult to get an accurate read on the nations psychological state right now. It depends on the day, on what’s read or seen in the news. On one hand, we are all experiencing a powerful movement of national solidarity. Millions are responding to the COVID-19...

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