Our Beginning
LC4YF is extremely fortunate to have partnered with Running Aces, through the City of Columbus, since 2013. Running Aces has been incredible to work with and LC4YF has benefitted in so many ways from this partnership. As of July 1, a new non-profit will be partnering with Running Aces – North Metro Racehorse and Community Foundation (NMR&CF) which more closely aligns with their mission.

Next Steps
We need to find another venue that does not currently have charitable gaming or is looking for a new non-profit to support.

Why Partner with LC4YF?
• Our mission and areas of focus benefit all members of the community.
• We have 8 successful years of experience in charitable gaming.
• We are licensed with the Minnesota Gambling Control Board.
• We have experienced staff committed to building and maintaining a successful partnership.
• To fulfill our mission and continue to serve our community which includes, but is not limited to, Washington, Chisago and Anoka counties, we need the revenue that charitable gaming provides.
• Since March 2020, revenue sources have changed and charitable gaming has become even more significant to our bottom line.

How Can You Help? Let us know of a venue(s) as described above and who we might contact to have a conversation. If you own/manage a venue as described above, contact us.

Who to contact:
Linda Madsen, Executive Director, LC4YF
Linda.madsen@lc4yf.org 651-464-3685 ext. 109


Lakes Center for Youth and Families Celebrating 45 Years of Serving the Community

The beginning
It was 1976 when former Forest Lake Police Chief Jim Trudeau saw the need for an intervention program that would keep young people and first time offenders out of the court system. Throughout the past 45 years, the agency has grown and changed to meet the needs of youth, adults and families.
The mission of Lakes Center for Youth and Families (LC4YF) is to ensure the success of youth, adults and families through programming to meet the ever changing needs of our community.

The three main areas of focus are:
Enrichment focuses on youth primarily in grades 4 – 12
We provide afterschool programming for children in grades 4-6 (free of charge) to learn positive decision-making skills, a summer safety camp for children and teen volunteers, and in-school classes and work-based learning with local businesses in partnership with Forest Lake Area Schools.

Intervention focuses on youth and families primarily in grades K-12.
We offer classes, individual programs, and groups to encourage and help youth develop healthy, positive decision-making skills and interrupt a pattern or potential pattern of behavior, which has resulted in negative outcomes.

Counseling focuses on young children (age 3) through older adults (80s and beyond) via individual, couple, family and group therapy.
We seek to build and strengthen our community through our work with children, adults, and family systems. Life transitions, difficult circumstances, and mental health-related symptoms without support can feel overwhelming and isolating. Our counseling center uses evidence-based approaches and therapy to treat a variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and trauma-related disorders.

The Next 45 Years
2020 was a challenging year for many, LC4YF included. We are striving to recover financially and are enthusiastically continuing our growth and innovation to continue serving the community for the next 45 years! We hope you will join us!